Plastic compounds


iTech Polymer Co. offers a wide range of engineering compounds and masterbatches. Our compounded products include glass fiber reinforced plastics, talc and calcium carbonate filled plastics, impact modified plastics, engineering alloys and blends, and masterbatches. The grades include polypropylene reinforced with glass fiber, polyamide reinforced with glass fiber, polybutylene terephtalate reinforced with glass fiber, polypropylene reinforced with talc powder, toughened polyamide, toughened polypropylene, polyethylene filled with calcium carbonate, polypropylene filled with calcium carbonate, color masterbatches with polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyethylene terephthalate base, functional masterbatches such as UV stabilizer masterbatches, antioxidant masterbatches, anti slip masterbatches, antiblock masterbatches etc.